Our mission is to gather and share stories of people living with intersex traits, or differences of sex development, and to spread the message "No Body Is Shameful." ®

Georgiann Davis

Georgiann is in her early thirties. She was born with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome outside of Chicago and has spent most of her life in the state of Illinois.

In 2008, she decided to bridge her personal connection with intersexuality and her professional interests in the discipline of sociology to conduct an empirical analysis of intersexuality in contemporary U.S. society. Upon completion of her Ph.D in 2011, she moved to St. Louis, Missouri where she worked as an Assistant Professor at a state university, and currently holds the same position at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Outside of writing her book which explores the different ways in which intersexuality is experienced post the 2006 introduction of disorders of sex development (DSD) terminology, she spends time with her loved ones, including Penny, aka Boobooschnukels, her beloved French Bulldog.