Wellington, New Zealand

Mani describes herself as an “Intersex Change Agent, Artist, Therapist, Media Commentator.” Her initial training was in Education, a passion and interest she has retained throughout her life.

Mani then moved into Civil Defense (Emergency Mgmt) where she developed a specialty in Critical Incident management learning about, and protecting people from, trauma. She had no conscious awareness that this training had anything to do with her own life.

In her 40s, Mani began to start to deal with her own trauma surrounding the medical management she received being born Intersex. Mani retrained as a counselor psychotherapist and works with passion, heart and other magnificent humans to bring change for intersex people, for their families, and for those who love them.

Mani is executive director of Intersex Awareness New Zealand and currently serves on the Board of Directors for InterACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth.